Two of our main goals at Government Street Christian School is to help students first of all “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, and mind…” and secondly, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Being “mission-minded” is a way that we here at GSCS feel that we accomplish the task of keeping our Lord’s commandments. We have many opportunities for the students to think outside of themselves and give back to the community. Some of these tasks are done through our school’s association with National Honor Society and Student Government Association. We make sure that we also have an opportunity on each grade level. A few of the ways we have given back over the years are as follows:
Adopt A Grandparent
Fire Dept./ Police Dept./ Service Workers Day (luncheon)
The Leukemia Society fundraiser
The Children’s Cancer Society fundraiser
St. Jude Hospital fundraiser
Jump Rope for Heart
Ronald McDonald House fundraiser and service days
Breast Cancer awareness fundraisers
Homeless Shelter Service (food/clothing prep)
Project Purr (with local veterinarians)
Toy Drives for our community
Food Drives for our community
Operation Christmas Child